We supply a wide range of forklift attachments from various manufactuers:

Big Bag Hopper

The static bulk bag hopper is an ideal and versatile attachment to fill bulk bags safely and effectively.

The bags are placed on an empty pallet and then suspended on 4 hooks these allow quick fitment whilst holding the bag securely in place during the filling operation. The hopper is manufactured within-built fork sleeves in the base to allow easy repositioning around the site.

Mechanical Well Ring Lifter

Designed to safely lift, move and release well rings, this attachment is ideal for building yards or on a building site. Each grab works independently to each other, and are fully adjustable to accommodate various ring diameters. Fully automatic, with heel pin retention and serrated contact pads.

Mechanical Scissor Grabs

Designed to lift, move and release numerous types of blocks, bricks, flags. kerb packs etc safely on a building site or yard. Fully mechanically operated via the forklift without the driver leaving the safety of his seat or via an overhead crane/HIAB. Available for Forklift Trucks, Tele Handlers or Cranes.

Locating Yoke

An economical and safe method of converting a forklift truck into a mini mobile crane. Multiple lifting positions can be achieved along the fork blade.

Fork Mounted Sweeper: The Basil

A quick and easy solution for re-heaping loose granule products or clearing yards and footpaths. Also available in a ‘baby’ five bristle version.

Multi Purpose Scoop

An ideal alternative to a loading shove, our multi purpose scoops allow your forklift to become a universal asset. Ideal for the loading of sand, gravel, aggregates and top soil.

Bulk Bag Carriers

Our inverted notched forks or ingenious bulk bag carriers are designed to simplify the
transportation of one and two tonnes capacity bulk bags.

The perfect way to transport sand, gravel, aggregates and waste.

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